Joyce James Has Worked Multiple Jobs And Started Two Businesses. All Before A Degree!

Photograph of Joyce James

Joyce James is a lot of things, including an incredibly inspirational woman. However, before all of things, she is an empathetic person. Coming from a family that wasn’t too well to do in Takoradi, Joyce opted not to apply for the university after she wrote the WASSCE examination in 2014. You see, she is the 2nd of 5 children, and that decision not to enroll in the university was her way of making sure that those who came after her would be better catered for.

Instead of school, Joyce (who you will come to realize is as resourceful and tenacious as they come) started looking for a job. With SHS completion as her highest qualification, she was able to land a role as a Sales Executive at a company in Takoradi. After a year, she received a scholarship to enroll in a Diploma course for Journalism and Media Studies at Crystal Galaxy College in Takoradi. And that’s when things started getting interesting.

Graduation Vs The Job Interview

Photograph of Joyce James

Joyce had always wanted to come to Accra, but it had never been a tangible dream. She didn’t have any family here, and the logistics alone wouldn’t allow her to make that bold move to this part of the country. During her Diploma course at Crystal Galaxy College, the institution wasn’t performing too well, and the proprietor had to move the students to its main branch in Accra. He even offered to provide accommodations for the students that would be moved. Naturally, Joyce ended up studying here as well.

After her program came to an end, all that was left was the graduation. On the day, Joyce kept getting calls from her friends because she hadn’t shown up. They wondered why she wasn’t at the graduation when she was being presented the award for best academic student.

The reason that Joyce missed her graduation was because she had an interview scheduled for the same day. So she missed her graduation to make it to the interview … but she did not get the job. In Joyce’s words, “it hurt,” because it was an opportunity that she missed her graduation for, and it ended up not working out.

Multiple Jobs And Budding Entrepreneurship

After getting her Diploma, Joyce started looking for a job. It’s a tough market out there, especially without a degree. It was difficult landing a job, but we’ve talked about Joyce’s tenacity. She got one anyway. Joyce has worked petty manual labour jobs, as a secretary for a real estate company, at a sports company and even at a construction company. She has worked a lot jobs, and performed in many diverse roles. Eventually, she got into ushering for events. And that’s about the same time that she started running her own courier service.

By 2018, Joyce was working and had a side hustle that was bringing in some cash as well. It was the right timing to apply to finally apply to the university. Or was it? Joyce tried to get into the University of Ghana to study for her degree, but her application didn’t work out.

Then in 2019, Joyce began investing in a business idea that she had. That idea is currently the place where you can get Knotless Braids that are absolutely to die for: Wash N Trim. Wash N Trim was a business that Joyce started in order to empower women by making them look their best. Although Joyce started Wash N Trim with a friend, she’s the sole owner now.

Once the business was finally up and running, Joyce made the decision to enroll in GIMPA, although the fees where quite expensive.

The COVID Phase

Photograph of Joyce James

COVID shook a lot of businesses up last year, and Wash N Trim wasn’t spared from its effect. Things got hard for Joyce; her business wasn’t doing great and events were scarce making ushering gigs scarce as well. It was quite a blow. For one, she couldn’t afford her second semester at GIMPA, and she had to drop out.

According to Joyce, those events led to her going through a down period. It’s hard not to be affected emotionally and mentally when things suddenly turn this bad. However, she prayed anyway.

And that brings us to today. Joyce is thankfully in a better place, as is her business, and she is finally going to get her degree at the University of Ghana.

Well done, Joyce!



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