Football Fans React After Government Allowed Fans To Make A Return To Ghanaian Stadia

Empty Accra Sports Stadium (StudioFEB)

Based on approval from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, a number of football spectators will be allowed in the stadium when football matches are in session.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the government first placed a ban on all football-related activities but recently relaxed the rule to allow football to be played without spectators.

Now, the government is relaxing that rule even further.

It has agreed to allow stadia in the country to filled up to 25% of capacity.

This is to ensure that spectators can adhere to social distancing and that football matches do not become super spreader events.

The statement from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

But the fans who have been missing live action football had a lot to say.

Football clubs are still required to test their players regularly for COVID-19.


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