5 Ways To Deal With Guys Who Won’t Take No For An Answer

Ladies have to deal with the absolute most from some guys. You can be as direct as possible to let them know that you aren’t interested but they’ll still pursue you thinking you’re playing “hard to get” meanwhile it’s not a game to you. Some of them tend to get very violent and try to force you into accepting a relationship you have no interest in being in.

If you’ve been here before, we’ve put down a few points to help you deal with such men, whose egos are too big to allow themselves accept that not every girl likes them.

1. Ignore Him

Pretend he doesn’t exist. If he’s bombarding you’re phone with texts and is all over your social media, block him. Clearly, he doesn’t think you have a mind of your own to make decisions and he doesn’t care about them; only his own. Block him everywhere and enjoy the peace and quiet.

2. Involve your parents

This is my Favourite point because they would dare not disrespect your parents. Usually, people like this want to make a good impression on your parents because in their minds, it’s their approval they want. If they can bypass you and get theirs, they don’t care. Once parents are involved they usually take a step back to reevaluate their strategy.

3. Document any stalking

It’s really important that you have proof of this especially when you want to take any legal action against them.

4. Take it up with the Authorities

If he is a coworker and is harassing you, make sure you do point 4. After gathering enough evidence take it up with HR. Human beings can be really wicked. They’ll profess their undying “love” for you yet when backed into a corner, they will switch up the story. Having evidence keeps them backed into that corner with no choice than to concede defeat. If not, you can make a police report. This ensures there is a record of his harassment and the matter can be escalated if he does not stop.

It’s appalling that almost every woman has had to deal with an egomaniac who can’t seem to take no for an answer and assumes that there’s something wrong with you if you don’t want them. It’s even harder to explain to other guys unless they see it for themselves. Nobody has to live like this and so do what you must to get out of situations like that.

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