4 Signs That You’re Codependent

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In healthy relationships, whether it’s in a friendship or a more romantic one, both partners depend on each other equally. Codependent relationships are more one-sided. Usually the codependent gives more and sacrifices their own wants and needs to please the other person. Here are four signs that you might have codependent tendencies.

You Always Say Yes Without Considering How You Feel

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Instead of automatically saying yes before you’ve even had a chance to think, you should set boundaries for yourself. That means saying no, or taking time to think things through if you need to.

You Make Excuses For The Other Person’s Behaviour

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Always rushing to make excuses for your partner’s or that friend’s bad behaviour might be a sign that you aren’t seeing things clearly. It also shows codpendent tendencies.

You Lose Your Own Identity, Interests And Desires

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Healthy relationships allow both parties to have individual lives outside that particular relationship. That means individually having your own friends and relationships, as well as spending time doing your own thing.

You Give More Than You Receive In Return

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Codependents give to their partners excessively and don’t get back in return in their attempts to “secure” the attachment. That means neglecting their own needs and wants.

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