4 Hacks You need To Overcome Sleep Procrastination

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We’ve all had those days where we aren’t particularly up to anything, but we just can’t bring ourselves to go to sleep. And then we feel like crap in the morning with only ourselves to blame. This tweet frames the whole thing perfectly:

Here are 4 tips to help you avoid sleep procrastination.

Stop Using Your Phone In Bed

Sometimes you’re about to sleep and then you log onto social media. You tell yourself that it’s for a minute but then you’re up for a couple more hours. The reason that this happens isn’t what you would think. It’s not the fact that the memes are too funny that keeps you up. Our phones produce blue light which makes it harder to fall asleep. So, you might want to stop using your phone when you’re trying to sleep.

Don’t Set A Specific Bedtime

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It’s good to know when you want to be asleep. But, instead of setting a specific bedtime, you might want to set a time range to go to sleep. That’s because pressuring yourself to fall asleep at a specific time each night can lead to insomnia.

Get Some Bedtime Rituals

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Having bedtime habits doesn’t automatically make you sleepy, but having these rituals can help you foster better sleep habits in general. For you these rituals might be taking a shower, listening to some calming music or even changing into pajamas.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

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If you’re feeling bouts of insomnia, the last thing that you want to do is dwell on how terrible you’re going to feel in the morning. Stressing out about not being able to fall asleep is only going to make the problem worse. Instead, try some doing some calming things that will calm you.

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