5 Things That Take All Your Money Your First Semester Of University

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You are about to enter your first year of the university, and you are probably excited and maybe a little anxious about everything. Well, relax. Adjusting isn’t as hard as you would think, and soon you’ll be in school appreciating the independence. But—one of the things that your independence comes with is being broke. That’s if you don’t plan for these four things.

Handouts And Pamphlets

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As far as text books go, you’ll get by okay without spending too much money because someone always ends up having a soft copy of the book that you can just copy. However, you still end up having to but handouts, pamphlets and other resources that you’re asked to. Although individually they may not cost too much, you might have to buy multiple handouts for one course. And that’s for all your courses. Better start billing your parents for this now.

Going Out

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We already mentioned the independence, right? You’re basically free to go out whenever you want, even on weekdays. Some people (a lot of people) end up doing too much and blowing their money all at once. You don’t want to do that. Being broke in the university (or anywhere really) is not fun.

Roommates And Friends

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The things that drain your wallet also apply to your roommates and friends. And if those people around you are a bit reckless, they will inevitably come to you for a loan to get by. That can leave you low on funds as well. Basically, everyone ends up broke around the same time. Communal brokeness! Fun.

All The Food

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The next item on our list is food. If you have a sweet tooth, then your account is really in for a tough ride. On campus, there are so many delicious things that are easily accessible (and they will deliver right to your room). Yeah, that’s hard to resist.

The Hall Weeks

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You have to go for the hall weeks. They’re some of the best memories you’re going to make on campus. They are also full of vendors who just can’t wait to take your money with all their shiny stalls. Oh and if you’re a guy, going to one of these things with a date is a financial hazard. Trust.

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