5 “Alo” Promises We Have All Desperately Said In Prayer Before

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Desperate times call for desperate measures and that includes prayer.

These are some of the promises you have all made to God at some point in your life but FAILED to keep. In exchange for answering your prayers, these are some promises you made to God

“I will not drink again”

Maybe you had alcohol poisoning and your life flashed before your eyes so in one desperate attempt to live, you told God to save you and you will never drink again but look at you on Snapchat shouting “shots!! shots!! shots!!!”

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“I will not fornicate again”

Pregnancy scares will do this to you. You swore you were going to be celibate if you weren’t going to become a parent but…2 days after, you still went ahead to fornicate as “celebration.”

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“I will give half of my salary as tithe”

The 10% kraa when you calculate and remove it from your salary, then your chest hurts. Your chest hurts really bad and you whisper to yourself “next month” but…it’s been a whole year charle and it’s not like your prayers didn’t get answered.

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“I will always go to church”

Lmao 31st was the only time you went to church even though you swore to God that if he answered your prayers, you’d go to church every day. Ha!

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“I will never do it again”

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God still dey spy you.

Keep it up. He loves you regardless.

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