4 Reasons Why You Should Dissolve Your WhatsApp Group


It can be annoying being the only person who is leaving a large group because when you do everybody else gets a notification. But why should you be in a group when there is nothing really going on? That’s why sometimes it’s up to the group admin to dissolve the group, and here are 4 reasons why.

It Has Served It’s Purpose

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As an admin when you create a group, you know why you’re creating it. So when the mission is finished, it should be natural that you bring the WhatsApp group to an end.

It Brings A Sense Of Accomplishment

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And the thing about a group serving it’s purpose is that it can be a chance for everyone to take in the accomplishment and bring things to a proper end. If the group isn’t dissolved, those feelings of accomplishment that you share with other members will immediately turn to annoyance when they start blowing up your notifications with spam.

It’s A Ghost Town

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Sometimes groups are created for social reasons. Maybe a friend group or something similar. However, no one talks in the group and it’s just dry. The best thing would be for the admin to put everyone out of their misery and just bring the group to it’s humane end.

It’s Your Job If You’re The Admin

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As the group admin, the person who added the other members, it falls on you to dissolve the group when that becomes appropriate. It’s just good netiquette.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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