4 Body Language Habits To Quit In 2021

Your body language can distort what your mouth says and people will believe what your body is communicating and not your mouth. These bad habits will ruin your relationships and your body if you allow them but it’s not too late to stop them. It’s going to be really difficult to stop but it is necessary. Here are 4 body language habits to put a stop to in 2021.

1. Biting your fingernails

A lot of people have nurtured this habit from childhood and because of that, they almost don’t have nails since they chew them at any chance they get. Apart from you ingesting germs, chewing your nails show that you’re uncomfortable and very nervous. It distracts the person you’re speaking to and may even repulse them.

2. Not enough or too much eye contact

Not giving enough eye contact makes it seem as though you aren’t confident and if you are in an interview for a job which requires this trait, there’s a good chance that you won’t get the job. It also makes it seem as though you don’t like the person you’re talking to. Too much eye contact will make the person you’re talking to feel uncomfortable.

3. Fidgeting

Fidgeting is really hard to stop especially when you’ve been doing it since you were a kid. It exposes the fact that you’re nervous and it’s really distracting.

4. Slouching

Slouching will damage your back in the long run. You project a good image of yourself when you learn to stand straight. It might be harder to do when you spend all day behind a computer but anytime you stand and walk, you need to make the conscious effort to stand upright.

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