Try These Hacks To Get You Back Into Work Mode After The Holidays

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One thing that Christians, Muslims, atheists and agnostics can agree on is the the Christmas/New Year holidays are a great time of the year. You actually get time off of work, and in some places there’s even some extra cash passed around. However, inevitably (like all good things do) the holidays come to an end and you have to get back to work. Here’s the problem; you don’t want to. But adults must adult. So here are some tips to get you back into work.

Get Back Into Work Slowly

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Waking up on the day that you’re supposed to get back to work and just going to face your workload might not be the best idea. Instead, start planning your day in advance. You can just make a mental list (or use your phone) of the tasks that you will have to do for the day in order to start getting yourself in the right head-space for them. This helps give you some perspective so that you don’t lose yourself in the actual work when you start. Being able to track your progress while you work will greatly boost your confidence.

Do The Easiest Tasks First

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When you’re back from the holidays and still not fully in tune with the spirit of work, it can be helpful to start small. Do the easiest tasks that you know will take the least time first. This will help boost your confidence because you’re actually accomplishing something.

Have Conversations About Your Holidays

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When you’re back at work, and you don’t want to be, you might not be feeling your most social. However, you have to remember that your coworkers don’t want to be there either. Talking about your holidays with each other (the fun things that you all did) and even complaining about being back at work will actually ease you back into the job. And additionally, it will give you the chance to catch up on any work related communications that you might have missed.

Take Breaks During The Day

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Going back into full-work mode can make you burn out. Instead, you should take things slow and try to get comfortable again. Take a 5-10 minute break every now and then and don’t try to catch up on the work that you missed all at once.



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