Top 3 Browser Extensions That You Need To Be Productive In 2021

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

We all sit behind our computers and swear that we’re going to be productive. However, all it takes is a minute on social media for an hour or two to pass you by. That’s why we have some browser extensions that actually keep you productive and focused on task. These are the 3 browser extensions that you need in 2021.

Image for Extension

We all have times when we want to save a web page for later. But if you’re like me you bookmark so many pages that you actually can’t find things when you’re looking for them later. That’s where comes in. It’s a bookmark manager that will literally change the way that you use your browser. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Image for CRXMouse Extension

CrxMouse is the extension that you didn’t know you needed. This extension allows you to use dragging mouse gestures to quickly navigate web pages. Make a gesture with your mouse to close a page, go back, go forward and a ton of other practical stuff. And the best part, you can customize gestures yourself. This extension is available for Google Chrome. For Firefox, see Gesturefy.


Image for Noisli Extension

This is a great extension for keeping you focused at work. One of the biggest distractions when you are working is stuff happening in the background. You overhear one line from a conversation and all of a sudden you’re having a heated debate about that one movie with Kwame from IT. Noisli is an extension that allows you to play sounds from your browser (rain noises, thunderstorms, etc to help you focus on task. Noisli is available for Chrome and Safari (sorry, Firefox users).



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