How COVID Advice From Social Media Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful

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There’s this thing that happens on Twitter. People copy viral tweets literally word for word and then put out the same tweet. And usually, those tweets get a lot of engagement as well. People call those things out once in a while, but hey it’s just harmless clout chasing, right? Until it isn’t. A new copypasta (what we’re calling these recycled tweets) is actually quite dangerous because it contains tips for dealing with COVID at home which are actually quite dangerous.

You can find the the full thread here:

First of all, although the post seems to make a series of recommendations for post-hospitalization recovery, the thread comes off (especially in the title) as giving tips to battle COVID at home, which is dangerous reasoning. If you have COVID, you should immediately report to a hospital instead of delaying possibly life-changing treatment.

The post also encourages exercise, no matter how weak you feel. The notion that you should exercise even if you feel too “tired or weak” goes against virtually all medical advice regarding breathing and COVID-19 (

At best unproven COVID advice from the internet can lead to people with COVID delaying treatment and trying to take care of themselves. At worst, random tips from the internet can actually have detrimental effects on the people who put them into practice. Which is why you should make sure that any COVID related tips that you are sharing come from official sources.


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