4 Reasons To Clarify Your Natural Hair

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Clarifying your hair refers to the removal of all the product build-up from your hair that accumulates over time. In as much as you’ve been washing your hair with sulfate-free products, deep conditioning it, applying protein treatments every now and then, your hair may still at a point, look dull and lifeless and limp. Air pollutants, our sweat and other toxins build up in our scalp and hair and you may need to clarify it. Here are 4 main reasons why clarifying your hair is necessary, especially since we are in a new year and you need a fresh start in all aspects of your life.

1. Remove Build-up

Even if you use the most natural products, your hair holds on to some of the oils and butter and after a while, they become the build-up we are talking about. Normal shampoo and conditioner will not get rid of the build-up; you need a clarifying agent for that. Clarification should be done so that your cuticles open and allow moisture into the hair shaft. Swimming in a pool will also lead to deposits on your hair from minerals and chlorine and so if you’re almost always found in pools, you may need your DIY clarifiers nearby or get a clarifying shampoo. You need to clarify before applying your conditioner and oils to your hair.

2. You’ve been co-washing for a while

If you’ve been co-washing your hair for a while and styling it with more oils, creams and gels, you would definitely need to clarify your hair because you’re at a higher risk for a lot of buildup in your hair.

3. To make your dye colourful

Even though this is true, you must let five days go by after a fresh dye to be able to use a clarifying shampoo. If not, what your hair fibers haven’t absorbed in that time will go down the drain. Since after a while, your hair appears dull, the clarifier rejuvenates your natural curls and makes the colour pop.

4. You use a lot of oil

If you do hot oil treatments, oil your hair daily, apply heavy hair butters or you just naturally have oily hair, mild shampoos may not be able to cleanse your hair properly. Once you clarify your hair every now and then, it will help you deal with the problem of build-up.

We hope we’ve sufficiently been able to convince you as to why you need to clarify your hair.

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