4 New Year’s Resolutions To Make If You’re Newly Single

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Breakups are very hard to deal with on a normal day but dealing with breakups during the holiday season is just downright painful. Everything reminds you about how single and lonely you are. December 2020 was probably one of the hardest months for singles because of the way everyone seemed to be getting engaged. If you broke up with your partner during the Christmas festivities, you may need to incorporate some of these resolutions into yours to help you move on.

1. Make more single friends

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with people in relationships but having more people who are single around you most of the time will help you move on quicker. It gets tough seeing people with their partners and you really don’t need that type of energy in this new year. Your priorities are most likely going to be the same with other single friends and they understand where you are mentally and emotionally.

2. Allow yourself to be single

It may feel like you need someone to help you survive since you’re extremely lonely but you need to take your time. Don’t jump into a new relationship just yet. Allow yourself to be single. Enjoy your own company. Don’t try to make your ex jealous by getting into another relationship. Don’t go getting a rebound just to make yourself feel less alone. Embrace the single life and enjoy your own company.

3. Stop the social media stalking

If you are serious about moving on, the stalking on social media needs to stop. It’s normal to want to have updates about your ex and know what they’re up to but it will only cause you heartache especially when you see that they’ve moved on. It may feel like torture but block your ex all over social media and try to move on.

4. Try new things

In the spirit of trying to be a better person and moving on, introduce yourself to new experiences. Try new things, try new foods, go to new places. Embrace life in general. Do things you never thought you would do and make new experiences. It will take your mind off the heartbreak and make you feel better about yourself.

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