3 Parts Of Job Applications That You Should Stop Overthinking

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When you’re looking for a job, you can overthink certain parts of the process. You want the job so bad that you just stress over every single detail of the application process. However, overthinking only adds to your anxiety and prevents you from putting your best foot forward. Here are the parts of a job application that you shouldn’t overthink.

Overthinking Whether Or Not You Should Apply For The Role

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A lot of the time, we’ll a see a job that literally makes us fantasize about it. However, we’ll talk ourselves out of applying for the position because we don’t think that we’re qualified enough. And even when we do apply, we don’t give it our best effort. But honestly, getting a “no” for your genuine effort is better than wondering if the opportunity could have worked out if you applied or if you put the effort to tailor your CV.

You’re Overthinking Whether The Job Is A Perfect Fit

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Do what you love and you will never feel like you’re working. That idea is actually a bit troublesome. No job is perfect, and chances are that wherever you find yourself, you will have one or two functions that you’re not too big a fan of. So, instead of overthinking whether to apply certain positions or not, you can make a list of the most essential things that you want in a job, and apply for positions that check those boxes.

Overthinking The Deadline To Submit

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There’s an idea that the earlier you submit your application, the better your chances of getting the job. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. According to a hiring manager that Kuulpeeps.com spoke to, sending an application early only increases your chances of having that application read. That means that whenever you come across a job that you want, you shouldn’t immediately submit the CV that you have on hand. While you want to submit early, you should be more focused on tailoring your CV to the job role.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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