Journalist Alarmed After Impromptu Police Stop And Search

Umaru Sanda

One of the things we love about this country is the ability to go about our normal daily routine with little or no interruption at all.

Ghanaians supported Nigerians when they campaigned this SARS and the police state that was emerging in Nigeria.

Now, it seems the police in the country are losing some of the goodwill they had.

This latest video from Umar Sanda, a CITI FM journalist has given many cause of concern.

“Today, I had the shock of my life when a team of policemen from the SWAT Unit stopped me in traffic and demanded to search my car for WEAPONS and DRUGS!” Umaru wrote on Twitter.

“I was alarmed and insisted on filming it,” he added.

In the video one police officer searched his vehicle while about two others looked on.

They found no weapons or drugs and it is unclear if they were working on a tip off or it was just a random search.

Umaru was unharmed but he hinted in the video that he will sue the police officers for harassment.


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