Medikal Gives Account Of His Struggles And Journey To Success


Medikal has given an account of the hard times he experienced with his family when he was young and how that inspired him to work hard to become a successful musician.

He began his story by revealing when he first met Criss Waddle and how they both had discussions and shared visions about their music careers.

He also revealed that he slept in a studio because he had no home, how he was once arrested after he was accused of stealing a laptop, how his home was destroyed by flood and other stories.

Read his full account below:

“About 10 years ago Waddle and I used to chat on BBM 247. He always spoke about the vision he had for AMG. We had conversations about how he was gonna put me and announce me to the world.”

“The Black Berry I de use those days, Ibi cement Wey de hold the charging system before we fi charge am. U no go even understand.

“Days Wey I for enter circle sell my phone split the money give momee and Kidisis. Me I be cool, my padies go buy make I chop!

“Days I for swap my phone for studio sessions.

“Days dem arrest me and Genesis say we bost laptop for one of the shops closer to wonna studio cuz we had no place to sleep and the studio was our home.

“Days Wey flood destroy everything for wonna room Wey notin lef! I for fold my jeans join my bag do pillow sleep on am. Nadmo come take us pictures say them go bring we tins. Notin!

“Days I for carry Cho from Oddorgonno senior high school dinning hall jump school wall take come house make momee and kidisis fi chop!

“Whoever for Dorm 2 Wey you no find your chop box for SS2 the very last term, it was me. If you truly de remember and you were the proud owner of a green chop box come for ghc 10k right now! Na I no get choice chale!

“Days I Logo people dema iron put trunk inside goo shoot for circle chale. La hustle since

“Same rain Wey flood wonna house destroy tins, Ibi the same rain the wash my cars now.”


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