CaviarCovers The Sony PlayStation 5 In Gold And Crocodile Leather

The legal complications between CustomizeMyPlates, formerly known as Plate Station, and Sony have not deterred Caviar from doing what they do best — creating absurdly expensive/artistic takes on new consumer electronics.

This time around, Caviar is taking the Sony PlayStation 5 and adding 20 kilograms of gold to its exterior. Made from eight individual casting sheets, the gold is formed in a textured, geometric pattern to mimic the outlines of a rock, hence the name “Golden Rock.”

Caviar Sony PlayStation 5

The team has even gone as far as to cover the PS5’s controller in crocodile leather while adding gold inserts. While we are not sure on pricing or the purity of the gold used in the “Golden Rock” PS5, we do know that if the gold was 24K, it would be worth over a million USD. Those interested in owning this one-of-one PlayStation 5 can head over to Caviar for more info.

Source: Hypebeast

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