3 Effective Tips For Managing Your Screen Time In 2021

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Right now, you’re probably the one going against the status quo if you’re not a little bit addicted to your phone. But one thing that everyone should hv in the back of their minds is that spending too much time staring at screens can have harmful effects on you. The insomnia, the headaches and the sensitive eyes are all a result of too much screen time. Here are some things you can do to manage how much time you spend looking at screens.

Get Apps That Track Your Screen Time

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Apps like YouTube have a feature that will tell you when you have spent too much time on the app. However, for most platforms, it can be difficult to tell when you have looked at one too many memes or liked one too many pictures of good looking people on Instagram. So, you can get 3rd party apps like Forest or Moment which specialize in tracking screen time in order to help you better manage just how much you’re on your phone.

Simply Turn Off Your Notifications

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It can be hard to take a break from your phone when a new message comes in every other minute. You hear one notification and all of a sudden you’ve been on your phone for 2 hours. It can be effective to turn off your phone’s notifications during the periods when you are taking a screen break.

Have Phone-Free Activities

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Another way to ensure that you are getting enough time away from your phone, and actually doing other meaningful things is to have phone free activities. You should be able to designate some periods of time or some activities that when you’re doing, you won’t use your phone. For example, right before you go to sleep is a bad time to be looking at your phone. You’ll end up spending more time awake than you bargained for.

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