6 New Year Resolutions Everyone Must Make

Most of us just want to forget that 2020 existed and we are hoping 2021 is better. We’ve gone through so much and we are only hoping for the best in this new year and due to that millions of people have made or are still making resolutions for the new year. We want to help you with that with a few ones that we think needs to be in your list at all cost.

1. Learn something new

You may have heard this so many times and just ignored it but this year, actually do it. There are numerous free online courses that you can learn from or even take lessons like piano lessons, cooking classes and the likes. This is to help you think in different ways, which can improve cognitive functioning. You’ll also meet new and interesting people apart from those you see at work or school. If you’re an entrepreneur, this might even help you find more customers.

2. Exercise more

I know a lot of people have this particular point in their resolution list every year and they either start and give up along the way or procrastinate until the year ends but this year, try to make it work. You need to set goals for everyday; for example, taking 10,000 steps a day and increasing it along the way. Once you set a specific measurable goal, it’s easier to achieve it. If you want to go to a gym, weigh the options of whether you want a gym closer or further from you and get a gym partner who you know is disciplined and will inspire you to go do what you have to do.

3. Eat healthy

A good food habit is not only going to benefit your physical, mental and emotional health but also, can combat diseases, boost your energy doing many more wonders. To improve your overall well-being, you need to start practising a good food diet now.

4. Save more

You need to have a lot of discipline and control for this so you don’t lose steam in the 3rd or 4th month of 2021 and give up. First things first, you need to try and keep track of what you’re spending on and where. When you’ve identified where you can cut back on, you can set yourself a much more realistic budget. Try and focus on being debt free, cut down on your guilty pleasures, reduce the impromptu shopping and start an emergency fund.

5. Read more books

A lot of us have forgotten all about reading. We’ve forgotten that before our smartphones and social media, it was books that kept us company. Reading reduces stress, improves your memory, increases white brain matter and supports healthy brain function, increases your attention span and ability to focus, improves understanding and empathy, and can actually lower your heart rate and improve sleep patterns.

6. Improve your leadership skills

This point is especially for entrepreneurs and people in leadership roles in companies. Are you good enough at delegating and reporting? Can you practice on taking faster decisions and avoid procrastination? Do you communicate efficiently? Improve whatever aspect of leadership that you think you’re lacking in and become that inspiring leader everyone looks up to.

What other new year resolutions do you think we should have added? Let us know in the comments.

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