5 Things To Expect Now That The Holidays Are Almost Over

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I know we are all very excited and feel blessed to see 2021 but I’m here to somewhat burst your bubble and help you “bring your mind home.” Here are 5 things to expect now that the holidays are over.

1. Your siblings may go back to school

This should be bad news for you because now, you’ll be the only one left with your parents and all the cleaning and cooking and the sending will be your job. Tragic.

2. You have to go meet your boss

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You ignored their calls and messages until later when you were sure they would have sorted themselves out so you didn’t have to work and they can’t really fault you because it was the holidays right? Now, you may be going back to the office and you may have a target at your back. Do with that information what you will.

3. This is you when you check your account balance…

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You decided to chill and forget all the troubles 2020 brought you and now look at you. Do you even have money for transportation to work? Can you afford January knowing it has 12 months in it?

4. You when your colleagues start their new year new me shenanigans

Lmao. We all know they will be back to default settings after 2 weeks.

5. When you realise that nothing has changed but the date

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Which of these can you relate with? Let us know in the comments section.

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