Live Band Met Good Vibes And Great Music At Senku Band’s Baajo Show

Senku Band headlined their first show yesterday at the Oliver Twist Shack with a lineup of really talented artistes!!

Live band is good but it’s better when it’s an extremely good band doing the most with contemporary infusions. 

Senku Band performing at the Senku Baajo concert 2020

The Senku BAAJO concert did not start on time as usual… typical of most Gh shows but once they got started, there was nothing but satisfaction.

The band’s exceptional talent and how they connect with each artiste that performs will never not be beautiful to observe. Aside from performing their own songs (we would love to see an album please) the band performed with Akan, Cina Soul, Worlasi, Yung Pabi, Epixode and more. 

I have never seen Titi Owusu perform but I can tell you for a fact that I’m a fan after seeing her kickstart the show with a cover of J.Cole’s “Love Yours”.

TiTi Owusu performing “Love Yours” at the Senku Band Baajo concert 2020

It’s honestly hard to pick out a “best performance” or lash out at “an average performance” because everything was perfect.  I love that there weren’t too many artistes on the bill because this meant each artiste had time on stage performing not less than 3 songs. 

The energy, quality time, great music, and all round good vibes was everything!! 

Cina Soul with a fan on stage during her performance at the Senku Baajo Concert 2020

If we don’t get a genre defying project from the band soon with some of these artistes they have great synergy with…

we. will. riot.

Watch them perform with various artistes below and check out more on the Kuulpeeps IGtv:


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