4 Things That You Absolutely Have To Do On A Beach Date

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As we get closer and closer to the new year, one of the things that everyone wants to do is go to the beach. And it makes sense, because who can resist the ocean breeze and some wholesome beach fun before the new year comes. And if you’re planning on going on a beach date, there are some essential things that you just can’t leave without doing.

Get Your Feet In The Sand

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There is hardly anything that can set a mood like nature. When you’re at the beach, you barely even have to try and there’s romance in air. And obviously, you can’t leave without taking a walk on the beach with your date. Actually get your feet in the sand.

Take Pictures

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Is there any place as naturally cinematic as the beach? Answer: no. A date at the beach is the perfect place to get some pictures and finally update your Instagram. The best part is that you can let the background do all the work.

Get Some Seafood

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You will hardly come across a beach resort without seeing some seafood dishes on the menu. Of course, if you’re on a budget it might suit you better to take your own food along. However, if that’s not the case it can getting your hands soaked trying out seafood items that you don’t eat too often.

Put Your Phone Away

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I mean … this really shouldn’t be exclusive to a date at the beach. Phubbing is our generations response to social anxiety, but on a date when the other person is also putting themselves out there, it’s rude, and it’s an easy way to kill the mood.

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