How To Collect All The Money You’re Owed In 2021

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When someone owes you money, whether it’s a friend, a client or even family, getting that money back will require you to be persistent and quite shameless. So, are you ready? Here’s how we’re getting all our money back in 2021.

Getting Money Back From Friends

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“Boss make we spy the end of the week,” but they actually have no intention of paying you back. If you’re trying to get back money that you’re owed from a friend that you make plans with all the time, then here’s what you can do. When you guys go out, make sure that your friend knows that they’re covering your part of the expenses as well because of what they owe you. If the amount is too big though, you might want to make some sort of arrangement to allow them to pay you back in installments.

Getting Money Back From Family

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Okay, so if it’s your mom who took your money, these tips don’t apply. In fact, you might just want to forget that money now. If it’s a cousin or other relative, here’s what you should do. The best thing about family owing you is that they can never really run away from you. Make sure that you’re hounding whoever owes you at every family gathering until they make up their minds to pay you.

Getting Money Back From Clients

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When it’s a client that owes you money, you shouldn’t feel as shameless asking for your money back. You provided a service, and you’re entitled to what you’re owed for that service. Keep sending an invoice every week for what you’re owed until it becomes clear that the client is actually refusing to pay. At that point, you can send a “Final Invoice” where you tell the client that you’re going to make the debt public or something along those lines. Just incentive for them to give you back your money.



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