4 Telltale Signs That You’re Being Lied To

It can be a hard pill to swallow but everyone lies to you regularly; even your closest friends and family. Sometimes people don’t even realise they’ve lied until later. Some people lie to make others feel good about themselves while other people lie to make themselves feel better. Whatever be the case, here are 4 signs which will help you identify that you’re being lied to.

1. Too much details

Once you’re quiet, they assume you don’t believe them and they’ll fill the silence up with more and more details so they are convincing. This is their downfall because they’re making the lies as they go. They may not remember some of the things they say and when you bring it up later on, you’ll notice how flustered they get.

2. Their breathing changes

Once someone is lying, by reflex, their breathing gets harder. Their heart rate increases and even the mucous membranes in the mouth dry out as part of the body’s response to lying so they may find it hard to speak.

3. Eye contact

Someone who lies regularly may not make the mistake of looking anywhere but your eyes but amateur liars do. Liars feel guilty about their lies and usually feel like once you look at each other, you’ll know their lying. They’ll look everywhere but your face.

4. Itchiness

This does have a scientific background. Experts say that when a person lies, there is a rush of blood to their face, which can cause mild itching. Itchiness can be caused because of a variety of factors, but if you feel a person is lying to you, look out for a nervous itch.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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