These YouTube Channels Have The Most Hilarious Movie Reviews Ever!

Photo by Godstime Linus from Pexels

YouTube movie reviews are the genre of comedy that you didn’t know you were missing out on. There’s something greatly satisfying about watching your favourite movies get picked apart mercilessly with some top tier banter. These channels will get you hooked on their hilarious approach to movie reviews.

Pitch Meetings On The Screen Rant Channel

Pitch Meetings put a fresh spin on movie reviews. The episodes are reviews presented as the pitch meeting for your favourite movies. Episodes are chock full of sarcasm and jokes that rarely ever miss.

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Honest Trailers On The Screen Junkies Channel

Honest Trailers are raw movie reviews make fun of all the embarrassing flaws of movies that we just tend to overlook. The narrator voice is such a character that it will keep you coming back for more videos.

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Everything Wrong With … On The Cinema Sins Channel

CinemaSins literally takes a movie and counts every single thing that the movie did wrong. It’s satisfying seeing someone hold movie makers accountable for thinking that they can sell us anything.

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