Relationship Twitter Triggers That Destroy Single People’s Souls

If you’re single, social media isn’t a healthy place at all and on Twitter it’s just plain disrespectful how these lived up couples shove everything in your face! You open your TL and suddenly you want to break open a bottle of wine and put Adele on loudspeaker because… 


If you are on Twitter, and need to clear your TL, these are the words you’d probably want to mute for your sanity.

“From mine and yours” 

It’s been wild this December. Someone in the Relationship WhatsApp group convinced all of them to wear matching outfits and wish us (hmm) a “merry Christmas”.

Like your lonely self can have a merry Christmas after these photos.

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“Started in the DM”

The same DMs we all use or a special kind? Cos these cute posts of a couple looking happy while they “brag” about meeting in the DM just reminds you that your last DM was met with… nothing.

They’re active on the TL tho… laughing at every joke but the one you slid in their DM with.

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“I said Yes” / “She said yes”

It’s like the whole world is getting engaged this year. Ei. Weren’t we all single on this app? So where did y’all find the partners to say yes to?

meme via Twitter

“My view, her view”

And there’s your view: your phone screen.

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“How it started”

You single people managed to turn this into something else huh. Posting the random stuff as “How it started” vs “how it’s going.”

I hope that fills the emptiness you feel.

Elsa Majimbo image as meme via Twitter

“This man”

Half the time, it’s some complaint or something cute. Either ways it just reminds you that they have a partner and you don’t.

And those cute videos they make… see stay strong. Na single you be. You no kee person. You go dey okay.

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Source: Kuulpeeps

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