Highlife Sensation, Kankam Set To Release Another Hit Single Ahead Of Album In 2021

Ghanaian artiste, Kankam image via Elite PR

Versatile music act, Kankam with his upcoming body of work ‘Bibini’, dares to challenge – especially the African man who is married, to break the infamous notion of ‘’African men are unromantic’’.

On the record, the artiste takes time to also address and awaken the consciousness of the African woman, encouraging black women to accept themselves and acknowledge each of their uniqueness in both skin and mind.

Cover art for Kankam’s “Bibini”

In broad-spectrum, this piece is beautifully composed with dynamic African beats and rhythms, characterized by distinct sounds majorly emanating from his guitar strings. It captures descriptively the importance of promoting genuine love in all African homes as it is truly the glue that creates happiness and strengthens the connection between a man and woman: an act that inevitably extends to the other branches of the African family tree.

Kankam who began his writing career after high school, has written songs in his native language Twi, as well as pidgin now has under his belt; 5 singles including songs such as ‘OLEY’, ‘Good Luvin’, ‘Eda Wo So’, ‘Ghanaman in Naija’ and the well-known ‘Maadwoa’ which featured the famous Afro-Pop artist, Fameye.

Ghanaian artiste, Kankam image via Elite PR

His vision is to serve the world with his God-given talent, where he steadily spreads his inherent light by profoundly impacting on today’s generation and generations to come; Kankam continuously writes and records enjoyable and educative tunes in preparation for his 2021 album.

Thus, his message is for his fans to first anticipate the wonderful upcoming single ‘Bibini’ as they eagerly await the release of the said album, which definitely promises to reignite the love of Highlife in their hearts and inflame the ever-present Highlife moves in the soles of their feet.

Follow the artiste, Kankam on Twitter, Instagram (@iamkankam) and anticipate his upcoming release with this performance of his past single, “Maadwoa” featuring Fameye.

Source: Elite PR

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