7 Classy & Suave Looks Inspired By Mawuli Gavor

Currently, more men are concerned about how they look when they step out and we wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re willing to explore colours, different textures and take into consideration, the tiny fashion details as well.

One of such men we drool over constantly when it comes to style is Mawuli Gavor. He is a Ghanaian actor, entrepreneur, accountant, TV presenter and ladies heartthrob.

If we aren’t letting out satisfied sighs and watching him do his thing as an actor, we are looking through his beautiful stylish pictures on his Instagram page.

It’s obvious he loves suits and what we admire most about this love for suits is the fact that he’s willing to explore different bright colours and fabric. He steps out in confidence and his look definitely catches stares every time.

If you’re a guy, you can take some tips from him and up your fashion game in the new year.


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram


Image via @Mawuli_Gavor on Instagram

Source; kuulpeeps.com

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