Days To 2021: How To Improve Your Finances In The New Year

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There’s nothing like the promise of a fresh start after a long year. We make resolutions and decide that we’re going to better people in the new year. For some, that means finally signing up for the gym, while for others it means having better finances next year. Here are some tips that will elevate you to your final form financially in 2021.

Avoid Quick Cash Schemes

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One mistake that people make when trying to invest money, is looking for quick return schemes. While it’s not a bad thing investing in your boy’s latest hustle, you do need to ask yourself every once in a while that how many of these things end up working out?

Get An Accountability Partner

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Another mistake we all make when trying to start saving is underestimating just how freaking hard it is. Having someone that you can talk to about the struggle of just leaving money alone will definitely be a plus on your saving journey.

Get A Side Hustle

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Let’s not even sugarcoat it, because who even earns enough money in Accra? You need to find additional sources of income if you want to hit a higher savings target. But you do have to be creative in order to earn some money on the side.

Set A Savings Target

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Another way to keep yourself on track when it comes to saving is having an idea of where you are going. Knowing how much you want to save, and dreaming about the day when you can count that much cash, will keep you motivated and stop those urges to dip your hands in your savings.

Pay Off Your Debts

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You can never really be comfortable with your finances when there are people out there that you owe money to. Clearing your debts gives you the peace of mind and the freedom to start saving



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