Kuulpeeps Rewind: 10 Exciting Twitter Trends And Terms Of 2020

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There were a lot of trends and terms on Twitter in 2020 that generated interesting reactions from tweeps. Most of this year’s Twitter trends were hilarious and people had a lot of fun with them.

We have put together ten of the top Twitter trends and terms that made 2020 an exciting one for tweeps. Check them out:

Dada Awu

Ghanaian pallbearers known as Dada Awu, gained popularity and massive international recognition during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

The video of them dancing with a coffin went viral globally to the extent that people from other parts of the world recreated the video.


By June De3

This term was coined when Ghana started recording COVID-19 cases. It was used to imply that that by June, everyone in the world would be infected and killed by the virus.

It was just another opportunity for Ghanaians on social media to make hilarious tweets about the COVID-19 situation in the country at that time when the cases kept increasing.

TL Asleep?

TL Asleep is basically ‘Twitter After Dark’.

This trend offers tweeps the opportunity to post racy pictures, unpopular opinions, and sometimes even start an absurd conversation. The trend is based on the premise that people are more comfortable being themselves when everyone else is asleep.

Tweet like someone in the Bible

This trend offered tweeps the opportunity to tweet like some characters in the Bible. Most of the tweets showed how Bible characters would have shared their experiences on Twitter.


This trend got people tweeting jokes about going to Benin to perform rituals to become rich.


How it started vs How it’s going

The trend offers people the opportunity to compare how things started with how they’re going now. People tweet about how their relationships, businesses, careers, etc, started and how things are now.

Waakye in a jar/#WaakyeLivesMatter

In June, photos of ‘waakye in a jar’ surfaced on Twitter. The photos generated a lot of discussions among Ghanaians on social media about how waakye should be packaged. The discussions resulted in the creation of the hashtag, #WaakyeLivesMatter.

It was later revealed that Reggie Rockstone is the brain behind the ‘waakye in jars’.

Bridget Bema

Kenyan comedienne, Bridget Bema caught the attention of social media users after a comedy skit, in which she played the role of a stubborn primary school pupil, went viral.

The 9-year-old’s name was among the top trends on Twitter for days after the video went viral.

If superheroes were in Nigeria

This trend got Nigerians tweeting jokes about the difficulties that superheroes would faced if they were in Nigeria.

Me as a lawyer

This trend was originated by Nigerians, and they made hilarious tweets of how they would react as lawyers. They made tweets about other professions too, but “Me as a lawyer” had the best tweets.


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