How To Find Motivation To Do Things As A Young Person – PART 2

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This is a continuation of our two-part series. Find the part 1 here.

Build Some Values

Figuring out the person you want to be is one of the most underrated things and skills ever. Part of building that person up is having a value system which you can rely on in taking decisions and action. Life is full of complex situations and often, the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral is a thin line. Being able to navigate these situations is to have values. Values help you to easily set a course of decisions and actions when faced with situations.

For someone who values honesty, they would have to figure out what is right and do it. The question is not “Should I do the right thing or the wrong?” but “Which is the right thing?”. This simplifies the decision-making process as. A good reason for this simplification is that in most cases, the more you wait, the more the desire to do the wrong.

For someone who values excellence, your mission is always to be the best in what you do. The question isn’t “Will I be able to do it?” Neither will the question be one of the paths to mediocrity. The question is always “How can I be the best?” This may seem like a useless shift in mindset but it has actually been proven to work. Popular Personal Finance educator and author Robert Kiyosaki says do not say you cannot afford something but rather ask how you can buy it.

Values are the things that mean most to you as a person. They are usually based on work and lifestyle. Some people value diversity. Others value family. Yet others value relationships. Some believe in leadership and seek to lead in whatever they do. These are common values.

But for values to work, they must mean something to you. People who get discriminated have more motivation to pursue diversity as a value.

Do some searching and asking and you’d soon find yours.

Construct Solid Habits

Having a strong reason for living and doing what you do is great. Building values around that reason and your personality is awesome. But we all know that acting on will power can only last you long enough. This is where habits come in.

For everything that is now easy for you was once difficult, you need to take a patient yet aggressive approach to change and doing things that matter to you.

This starts with and becomes easy over time with healthy consistent habits. You need to create habits no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. It may seem you are not making any progress. This is simply not true. With practice, everything becomes easy if you learn and improve.

If you have a habit of procrastination, it will take a counter habit of productivity to change that. It will also take some mental reinforcement about your worth, your why and your ability to do all things.

Get into Action

This article is about finding motivation. Unbeknown to you, it is also about doing. Most people say motivation and personal development doesn’t work. But that is only because they use it as a drug to get high and never work on themselves.

You must endeavor to back your decisions, dreams and reason for living with a great amount of action. Grant Cardone writes about the power of dreaming and doing more than you think is possible in his 10X rule. You must act on the advice in this very article to derive the benefits. Remember, it doesn’t work unless you work it. Put in the work and you shall gain the rewards.


Many people (or say everyone) want to live their dreams. But these very dreams are mostly thwarted by a lack of enough motivation, reason and resolve to push back on any impediments. Impediments could be any form of stumbling blocks from excuses to real problems and challenges. To get over them, you need to get a strong reason for what you do, build a value system around that, create some foundational habits and lastly get into action. These 4 tips will get you into action in no time.


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