5 People Talk About Their Favourite Christmas Memories

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, being with family members and friends and making memories all together. Growing up, Christmas had us always excited because of all the gifts and the mere fact that we would see family members we hadn’t seen in months.

We asked a number of people about their fondest Christmas memories and this is what they had to say.

1. Kwaku

Some many years ago, I can’t actually remember the particular year. We had 2 Christmas trees, one in the hall and one on the compound. They were all decorated and had lights on them. The fence too had light decorations. Both Grandmothers were around and my uncles and aunties came from the UK and they made us wear matching pajamas and we even opened presents. Life was quite interesting back then. I hate adulthood.

2. Ama

This might seem funny but my fondest memory will always be me standing in the kitchen cutting onions and other vegetables, crying because of the onions but also happy because everyone is around to eat and play games. I will stand in the kitchen for 5 hours cooking but the food will be eaten within 3 seconds😹😹. It’s a scam but it brings the family together 😂😂

3. Yaa

We used to have a ritual before we went to SHS. Me and my family members from my dad’s side used to go to Bojo Beach every 26th December. We would cook at home and eat at their car park together and just go have fun at the beach. Those were really good times. Now we’ve all grown so we don’t do anything like that anymore.

4. Jonathan

This was wrong but one of the most memorable Christmas I have had was in 2016. My friend and I stole his family’s fried Christmas chicken and we were done with it before they got back from church. The Chicken was kept in the kitchen to be served after church but by the time his parents got home, there was nothing left. His dad was so mad! We couldn’t own up and up till now, no one knows it was us.

5. Efua

My favourite Christmas was about 4 years ago. We celebrated Christmas in a village in Volta Region where my mum was really ill. We knew it was going to be our last Christmas with her so we made it worthwhile. We visited waterfalls, we went to Afadjato, went on boat rides, enjoyed with family members and just spent quality time together. I will forever cherish the memory and miss her.

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