This Is What Is On Every Ghanaian’s Wish List

Most of us weren’t brought up with receiving wrapped gifts under any Christmas tree. As kids, we got our presents in the forms of new Christmas and new year clothes for church and new shoes for the coming year and that summed it up. We also ate Christmas friedrice or jollof and in the evening, Fufu with goat soup and then we be cool chale.

As adults now, if we as Kuulpeeps were to guess what each person would want this Christmas it would be one or more of these things.

1. Momo

Adulthood is hard. Ask anybody what they want for Christmas and see. They may not have one particular thing they want and have in mind but they’ll ask you to send them money which makes sense. Once you send them the money, they can get whatever they want at any time.

2. More public holidays in 2021

We don’t want the president to be switching holidays and changing them. If anything, we want more days. We are the ones working and paying taxes. We need to rest. The government should really look into giving us one public holiday each month 🌚🌚

3. No traffic

Honestly, the traffic during Christmas is so maddening! Everyone on social media claims that they’re home because there’s traffic in town but there’s still traffic. Why is there always traffic in December? Do people now bring out their cars to show that they have some? We really want to know so tell us what you think in the comments section.

4. Enjoy Detty December without it coming from your pocket

This is the dream every December chale! For ladies, we want someone to pay for our nails and clothes we will be wearing for our outings. We also want a sponsor for the bone straight hair for Christmas and lastly, someone who will handle the payment for all the drinks and food we will order when we go out. Sigh. Such a beautiful dream.

5. All expense paid getaway

It could be in Ghana or outside Ghana, we don’t mind. Just make sure it’s paid for. All we have to do is appear there and relax.

If you were to write a wish list, what would have been on it? Let us know in the comments section.


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