5 Things We Miss About Christmas As Kids

Raise your hands if you don’t even feel like today is Christmas. When we were kids, we were so excited about Christmas but look at us now, dead inside but maintaining beauty on the outside 💀 😹. We’ve seen how expensive life is as a whole and so we’ve moved past all the excitement into what we are now. Anyways, let’s go down memory lane with 5 things we miss about Christmas when we were kids.

1. New Clothes would have been bought

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Before Christmas Day, we were so excited because our parents used to either buy already made clothes for us or the same fabric for you and all your siblings. You then go to the seamstress in your area to get your measurements taken and choose the style you want. You were allowed to be as creative as possible with your dress so far as it didn’t increase the amount your parents had to pay the seamstress.

2. New clothes go with new shoes

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For some people, Christmas was when they got the chance to change their church shoe for the next year and since we were kids that were growing, every year the shoe size increased so the measurement of your feet had to be taken. For most of us, this was done by using a broomstick and more often than not, when the new shoe came, they fit.

3. Livestock would have been bought

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What is Christmas without a live fowl or goat tied to something on your compound so they don’t run away? Once you see these animals, you know Christmas is just around the corner because most parents used to buy them earlier so they don’t have to deal with how expensive everything got during Christmas.

4. Decorations

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A lot of Ghanaian houses may not have Christmas trees but we weren’t going to let the Christmas decorations pass us by! Shops and houses took the time to decorate their houses so much so that you could taste the Christmas in the air.

5. Knockouts!

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What is Christmas without knockouts? Kids have a lot of fun with the different types they come in and will not let our ears rest considering how loud most of them are.

What else did we leave out? Do let us know in the comments section.

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