5 Fun Things You Should Do Today

First things first, fun is relative. A number of things on this list may not exactly be fun for you but it will be for someone else.

You’re probably on a Christmas break from work and it may have been a while since you were on leave. There are basically 2 ways to go this period; it’s either you’re partying with friends or your resting with family. Either ways, you need to do some if not all the things on our list.

1. Rest

Before you go moving from one party to the next or go out with friends, you need to rest. Your overall health is important and it’s been a really really long year. Working from home hasn’t been fun and games like we all thought it would so just try to take this time to sleep.

2. Eat!

For most of us, we get consumed with work and school so much so that we tend to forget to eat half of the time and because of that, you’ve lost a lot of weight. Well, the holidays are here! Enjoy the food and the peace of mind it brings. It’s short but make it worth it.

3. Spend time with family

If you don’t live with your family, this period is here so you can go visit them and catch up with them about life. Relax, enjoy your mum’s cooking. Watch your siblings run around worrying each other. It’s therapeutic.

4. Watch a series

Binge watching series while just relaxing at home is a total vibe. Get your partner to come around and you’ve got yourself a date.

5. Go for parties

This is the last point because we all know COVID is still out there and has even mutated. We need you alive. We don’t even want to say observe the COVID protocols because we all know they don’t work. If you absolutely need to go have fun at a party, please be very careful.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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