These Ghanaian Reasons Are Why People Look For A Wife At The Club

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In selecting a life partner it shouldn’t be based on the place you met the person. Just as Rihanna says in her song “We found Love in a hopeless place.”

Today on Twitter a question was asked by @TAFELMUKOVIC “Give me reasons why you should even look for a wife in a club.

We must understand we are in a different age and dispensation from that of our parents where in order to find a partner their parents needed to do the searching for them.

Finding a partner in this day and age has been made simple with the introduction of dating apps. But some feel going to the clubs and meeting your partner is still the way to go.

Twitter users took to respond to the Tweet giving reasons why they will look for a wife in a club. One user @gideon_duke said, You can find a ‘good’ wife for you anywhere whether a church or a club or a bank or in a waakye queue. It depends on what you are looking for and looking for someone who shares similar principles/ mindset.

Another user @ThisIsNaya told us how their parents met, My dad’s friend met his wife in a night club. He found Christ and led her to Christ. Sisiaa he’s Osofo and she’s osofo Maame. If he had gone to a crusade that night he’d probably be single.

Mr. Swrites said, I know way too many bad bitches who love the club and are still killing it on the career front and many other aspects of their lives. And that I can respect.

Check all the responses below:

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