How To Find Motivation To Do Things As A Young Person (PART 1)

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The topic of motivation is one that everyone at some point in their life seeks answers around. This is especially true of young people who are still figuring out their life and their path in life. One of the most popular quotes about motivation is that “Motivation doesn’t last.” This is true. But there is a strong counter to this statement… “that is why it is recommended daily”. The legit question here is, how then do you make sure you have motivation on a daily basis without losing it no matter how long?

What is Motivation?

Let’s roll the narrative a little backward and consider what exactly motivation is. To be able to maintain motivation in your life, you must first know what it means to be motivated. Motivation serves as the force that pulls you toward and to achieve your goals. Whatever gives you a strong desire to do something, that is a motivation. Some motivations are acted upon whilst others aren’t. The strong motivation usually wins. Motivation qualifies for what Napoleon Hill calls “Strong Pulsating Desire” in his classic Think and Grow Rich.

How then do you create a strong pulsating desire where it pulls you toward your goals, dreams and aspirations?

Our lives for most of our childhood is determined by the choices our parents make for us. They would select your clothes, send you to a school of their choice, teach you what they believe to be right and moral. But as we grow, we also get to make out own choices, we begin to ask to attend certain schools and to create for ourselves the life we want.

As we take over our affairs, we take on freedoms and responsibilities. Such a life (one of freedoms and responsibilities) could easily become one of disaster as we are transitioning from the known to the unknown. We get into SHS, then University or other tertiary institutions after which we begin to build our career and to settle in life probably with a spouse if you have decided to marry.

This complication in life can only be solved with a few things. Motivation is a huge part of these complications. How do you find motivation to keep a family? How do you find the energy to keep chasing after a dream that everyone tells you is merely a wish? What are the practical steps to take in securing a spirit that fails to fail? Remember as children we have usually have no problems with motivation. We know no limits and allow nothing stop us from pursuing what we want.

Start with Why

There is this popular joke about how we find motivation to skip seemingly very walls when chased by stubborn neighborhoods dogs. The irony is, when asked to repeat the same feat under normal conditions, we aren’t able to replicate our success at skipping the wall.

The difference between the two situations is that there is more reason to scale the wall when chased by the dog because there is an existential threat. It may not be as serious as “Existential” but that isn’t very important. The mind can hardly differentiate between false sense of threats and real threats. As far as the individual perceives the threat as intensely to consider it existential, then it is motivation enough.

Reasons are very important in everyone’s life. Living life without reasons is usually a cause for worry. This is because without tying your life to a defining purpose, vision or dream, your life tends to lack meaning. If it doesn’t have meaning to you as a person, the obvious question is “Why do it then?” No reason at all means nothing gets done.

To be able to find motivation, build your life on a set of mission and vision which gives you a sense of purpose. Often, the best missions and visions are those that aim at making others and the world better. In making others happy and successful, so do you become happy and successful. Self-help guru Zig Ziglar once said to become successful, you merely have to help enough people become successful.

It is out of meaning and deep understanding of a mission that people give up their lives, sacrifice their time, give their money and seek the betterment of themselves and the world around them.

Starting with why is the best way to start out. A why gives you a sense of direction. It gives you a compass that you can use to arrive at your desired destination.

It is strong reason to want to make your parents happy. It is a great reason to want to solve social problems. Wanting to light the corner in which you find yourself is an awesome why. Among these, yours lies within you.

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