5 Tips To Ensure Your Party Makeup Stays And Slays All Night

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Detty December is here and in as much as Corona is still around, people are going to party. If you are part of those people, then we have some tips for you when it comes to your makeup so it stays put all night out. You don’t want to be partying all night and still trying to make sure that your makeup stays perfect. Make yourself party-ready and makeup-proof by adding a few more products and some hacks into your makeup regime.

1. Prep and Prime your skin

If you notice that your makeup wears off or creases quickly, or seems to apply unevenly, the problem may not be your makeup– it may be your primer or lack thereof. Make sure you moisturize your skin properly. Next, apply primer to fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, and allows makeup to glide over the skin. Primers extend the wear of your makeup, protect your skin from the sun, and condition and repair your skin as well.

2. Highlight your undereye

Brightening your under eye will last throughout the night. Try setting it with your setting powder so it doesn’t become oily after a while.

3. Apply long lasting lipsticks

You may be eating and drinking at the party and so you definitely need to make sure you apply your lipstick right. Apply your liner all over your lip as if it were lipstick. Then, apply your lipstick over that. Blot it with tissue and apply your lipstick again over it. This is guaranteed to help your lipstick stay on.

4. Set your makeup right

Make sure you apply your setting powder after using your concealers. The powder gives a matte finish over your makeup, minus the grease. Also, get setting sprays that have gotten a lot of good feedback and spray it all over your face.

5. Carry your makeup essentials

Carry the essentials you think you would need like your finishing powder, powder brush, lipstick or gloss and a lot of tissues to dab the oil off your face.

Have you been using these tips already? Let us know if they work for you in the comments section.

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