Mestar Oscar Bends Genres On New Single, “Me Ho Shi”

Musician and dancer, Mestar Oscar image via Twitter

Ghanaian artiste, Mestar Oscar just released new music with a video. If you ask us, it’s too good to be that short and one day we’d ask why artistes always make the good tunes 2 minutes max.

Now if you’ve not heard any music from Mestar Oscar, you might at least know his song, Desole. The artiste has been linked with danceable tunes and this new song, Me Ho Shi is such a refreshing switch.

Me Ho Shi is definitely what you’d call a hiphop tune but… with an interesting fusion. 

With rappers like Drake and more making melodic rap an unavoidable and appealing style, Mestar Oscar’s voice works really well on this love record. The most interesting thing is how the DJ Segz-produced beat builds up gradually from a softness that makes you think this is going to be a soulful love song till the beat switches into a simple hip-hop tune and then climaxes into what is definitely an EDM type of beat.

It’s almost like a roller coaster ride because once the beat climaxes, it cuts off quickly and then, that’s it… the song ends. 2 minutes of goodness…just ends.

The Allyne Mamattah-directed video is also quite appealing. Mestar Oscar fuses his music with his dance moves in a way that makes him a delight to watch. The colours, the simplicity in the setting and well-orchestrated dance moves are really entertaining and the fact that it was all shot with just an iPhone… creatively beautiful.

Watch the video below:

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