Did You Know: Pubic Hair Was A Fashionable Way Men Used To Remember Lovers

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During the Victorian age, the people in England were very fond of pubic hair as a token of love. Under the rule of Queen Victoria, upper- class males of 19th century England, pubic hair were collected as the ‘token of remembrance.’ Aristocratic men use to wear these hair locks on their hat as a memento – an object kept as a reminder of a person or event. Males of Victorian age use to put pubic hair locks as cockades on their hat.

Reciprocity of pubic hair was normal in the Victorian age. It was articulation as the token of love. Most of them believed that collecting pubic hair as souvenir also has the potential of a talisman.

Do You Know Pubic Hair Was Used As A Memento?
Source: procaffenation.com

People find it hard to accept the fact that such a thing ever existed but in the museum of St. The Andrew University of Scotland, there is a testament which says it all. In the collection of the snuff-box, pubic hair of one of the mistresses of King George IV can be found. The hair locks are said to belong to Elizabeth Conyngham which the king donated to the ‘Fife sex club.’

Even if there are tremendous ways of expressing your affection to your lovers, history holds the uniqueness. Therefore, in the early period, genital hair was accepted widely as the sign of fidelity, promise, and expression of sexual desire.

Source: procaffenation.com

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