4 Types Of People Who Won’t Enter Heaven

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There are some people who if we see in Heaven, we will fight God someway somehow because… how?? After all the deception and lies? Naaa!!

1. Tailors

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If you’re part of the people who have been promising and failing people especially this Christmas, just know that God is watching you. By now saf you’ve blocked some of your customers’ numbers because you said their Christmas clothes would be finished by now. Christmas is in 2 days but you don’t even know where their fabric is.

2. Drivers of car hailing services who take a longer route

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baby meme

God is watching you people too. Upon all the traffic in town, you still go and take a longer route just so the money at the end of the trip will triple. The thunder that will fire you is still doing press-up.

3. MPs who do absolutely nothing

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They know themselves and you know them. You never see them until it’s time for elections. Some of them don’t even campaign at your end because they don’t rate your neighbourhood. They rely on the love people have for the different political parties that exist to win and do absolutely nothing for their constituencies. You won’t enter heaven.

4. People who borrow money and don’t plan on paying back

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If you’re part of the people who borrow money from friends and don’t pay back when the time is due but you’re going out moving from party to party and having fun all over, know that Heaven will pass you by. You ruin your friendship just because someone decided to help you out when you were in need and you’re too selfish to do anything about it even though you have the means.

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