4 Things You Owe Your Ex After A Breakup

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It’s never pleasant when a relationship ends. However, if you still care about this person you were with, there are some courtesies that you are going to afford them. Unless, of course, you hate them. Then you can just close this article now.

Delete The Media

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When you’re in a relationship, you send each other goofy and raunchy media. When the relationship ends, you need to delete that stuff. There is no reason why you should have nudes of someone that is now your ex on your phone.

You Owe Them Your Silence

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This doesn’t mean burying abuse or the fact that they cheated, but just because you broke up with someone doesn’t mean that you should be on a mission to out their dirty secrets. If you were ever loyal to someone, keeping their secret when they become your ex shouldn’t be that hard.


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People handle breakups differently, and although you might want to be friends, some people would prefer a clean break. They would rather just have some space. After a breakup one thing that you shouldn’t do is force a friendship on the person that you were with.

An Actual Breakup Conversation

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When a Ghanaian man wants to end things, they usually just start distancing themselves until their partner gets the message. Although it might feel like it’s a way to avoid hurting the other person’s feelings, it’s actually just cowardly. If you want to end things, say it with your chest.

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