4 Things That End Most Friendships

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It’s never fun losing people you’re close to. Those people that the world made sense when you were with. However, friendships end just as naturally as they start. Here are four things that have a way of ending friendships, so you can be proactive in holding on to the relationships that you want to.

Borrowing Money

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Loans between friends can get messy. It creates uncomfortable situations for both parties. The person who gave out the loan is going to be uncomfortable trying to collect, and the person who took is going to feel uneasy as well.

Not Being In The Same Place

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

Another reason why strong friendships form is that people are going through the same set of circumstances. That’s why you end up so bonded to people in school. However, when things change and you literally go your separate ways, it can be hard to hold on to those relationships.

Your Friend’s Partner

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When you have a problem with someone that your friend is dating, it can cause some tensions in a friendship. Inevitably, the person in the relationship begins to feel that they have to choose between their friend and their partner.


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When you begin the university, or you start working, the stresses that come with the lifestyle can put a strain on your relationships. You end up tired from doing the things that you’re supposed to, and you barely have any energy left to pour into your relationships.

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