4 Hacks That Will Free Up Space On Your Phone

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Some people have obscene amounts of phone memory, and we’re happy for them. However, some of us have to worry about our phones getting full and giving us those very annoying notifications. That’s why we’re here with some tips that will help you save up space on your phone.

Don’t Auto-Download Media On WhatsApp

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You might realize that the amount of free space on your phone keeps reducing even though you haven’t done anything. That might because whenever any media is sent into your pm or a group it automatically saves on your phone. By changing the setting to allow you to manually download media, you can avoid random videos from your WhatsApp groups clogging up your memory.

Stream Your Music

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I mean, there’s no way that you’re doing this already, right? There are so many music streaming platforms (including free ones) that it doesn’t make sense to keep music on your phone anymore. You can try out Boom Play or Deezer, and Apple Music is available on android as well if you’re willing to pay for it.

Get Google’s Files App

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Google’s Files app is a utility that makes cleaning up space on your phone quite effortless. It categorizes media for you, and tells you which files you haven’t used in a while. The app can also tell you when you have duplicates of files taking up space or temporary files that were never deleted.

Don’t Be Afraid To Delete Apps

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It’s great if you love experimenting with apps, and trying new ones out. However, when you use an app for a while and realize that it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, you shouldn’t be afraid to delete that app. Don’t be a hoarder. Besides, these days you can delete an app and easily get your app data back.

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