6 Life Saving Tips To Prevent Fire Outbreak At Home

Photograph of Fire in Fomena via Ghanaweb.com

In the last two or three weeks, we keep getting reports of fire outbreaks that are destroying properties and thousands of livelihoods.

Markets are burning nearly every week and it is kicking people back in life.

In just a matter of hours, something that you have used your entire life to build and currently keeps you going, can go up in flames.

In Ghana, fire outbreaks are common during the Harmattan season which usually starts around this period through to January.

Though the Harmattan has been fairly absent this year – people blame it on climate change – the associated fire outbreaks on the other hand are making an appearance with full force.

Odawna, Kantamanto, Kaneshie markets, to mention a few of its high profile victims.

It is essential to take all precautions to ensure that your properties are safe from fire.

Here are a few tips:

Keep gas cylinders outdoors.

LPG cylinders are not supposed to be in the kitchen or the corridor. The cylinder is basically a bomb waiting for ignition to explode. You don’t want that exploding inside your house. Experts advise that you keep it outside so the tube goes from your cooker to the regulator on the cylinder kept outside of the house.

Do not leave your cooking unattended.

You know when you leave something on fire for a brief moment to go check on something outside or the next room? Don’t do that. If you must leave the kitchen, it is safer to turn off the fire, go and attend to whatever you had to do and come back to your cooking. Better safe than sorry.

Switch off home appliances when not in use.

Yes, we know the microwave and the kettle have regulators, but you must still turn off the switch when you are done using them.

Install firefighting gadgets in your home.

For some reason, Ghanaian homes do not have firefighting gadgets. If you’re building a new place make sure to fix water sprinklers and smoke detectors. Some detectors can even be fixed in old houses. If you have a fire extinguisher in your car, you need one or two in the house too. Also, remember that fire extinguishers have expiry dates.

Don’t use fireworks.

We know this will be difficult considering the fact that we are in a festive season. But why don’t you catch a firework display at a COVID-19 safe event rather than using some at your home and risking burning your home to the ground?

Don’t burn waste indiscriminately.

In a normal Harmattan season, everything is dry and is basically fuel for a fire. Do not burn your waste, get the neighbourhood collectors to pick up your waste. Trust us, no matter how much it costs, it is cheaper than having to start your life all over again because you burnt your house.

Though the above tips seem to be skewed towards this season, it is really every day, all year round safety tips.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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