4 Smart Budgeting Tips For The Festive Season

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It’s days to Christmas and money is about to flow out of our wallets like someone opened the taps. But, I’m here to tell you that being broke in January is not inevitable. Here are some smart budgeting tips that will help you get your December pay through the next month.

Budget First To Avoid Being Broke In January

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In January, salaries come earlier than usual. That means that there is more time between when you get your pay and your next payday. You should draw a budget so that you don’t spend too much and then find yourself wondering how you could be broke already.

Plan Your Gifts

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During the festive season, there are some people that you would like to get gifts for. Planning these ahead of time can help reduce the extra costs of last-minute shopping.

Budget To Go Out

Impromptu plans are also another characteristic of the holidays. Going out when you haven’t planned to can be the beginning of your budget being derailed.

Your Budget Shouldn’t Be Too Tight

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A mistake that people make when drawing budgets is that they don’t leave room for things to happen. Their budgets are so strict that if something goes wrong, the entire budget falls apart. When you are drawing a budget, you need to leave room for emergency and incidental costs.

Source: Axis Smart Money Talk


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