Some Ghanaians Don’t Want To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial (image: Reuters)

There are two approved COVID-19 vaccines now. First the Pfizer vaccines was approved and people have already received their shots.

Starting this week, the Moderna vaccine will also be given to people in America who are currently eligible for the vaccine including healthcare professionals, people have 65 years old and people living with comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension and others.

However, there are people who are sceptical about the vaccine. The vaccine conspiracy theories are putting doubts in a number of people.

Some Ghanaians are unwilling to take the vaccine when it is available in Ghana.

An unscientific poll that was run by suggested that a significant number of the readers will not take the vaccine.

92% of the readers who answered the poll said they will not take vaccine.


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