John Dumelo Is Not Giving Up His Political Dream Despite Losing Parliamentary Election

John Dumelo

Though John Dumelo is known for his acting career he has a long history in politics.

He was a student politician running for a number of executive positions back in his days at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology (KNUST).

In a long write up, conceding defeat to Lydia Alhassan in the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, John Dumelo reflected on his student-era political career and how he managed to get over losing elections.

“Truth is, every time I lose, I come back stronger because I don’t see it as a loss, I see it as a journey to perfection,” he wrote.

“It is only when you are down that you appreciate what it takes to get back up,” he added.

However, this concession speech is coming days after Lydia was declared as the winner of their election.

John Dumelo had rejected the declaration citing som irregularities that occurred.

Now, he has accepted that Lydia beat him and he is proud of his campaign nonetheless.

“Many said it was impossible for me to even dream of winning but the numbers I pulled in and you winning by a very small margin, especially in such a stronghold of the NPP makes me extremely proud of the whole campaign,” he told Lydia.

He also offered to help to make their constituency the greatest in the country.

As a side joke, he even offered new wellington boots to Lydia who was photographed wearing Kaba and Slit with the boots when parts of the constituency were flooded.

In the meantime, John said he is going back to “farming, travelling around Ghana, engaging people, helping entreprenuers and touching the lives of as many Ghanaians.”

He did not mention acting and it is unclear whether he will go back to his acting career.


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