Liberia President George Weah Releases Song Titled “Mr Liar Man”

George Weah, President of Liberia (Getty Images)

There’s frenzied speculation in Liberia about the person who wronged President George Weah so much that it prompted him to express his frustration and anger in a new song he released this week.

Mr Liar Man, the fourth song released by the former footballer-turned politician – and also a part time musician, is sung in a reggae style.

Some of the lyrics stated:

“In my own country, they’re trying to track me down for what I don’t know… But Mr Liar Man, you know I did not do the things you say I do.”

Abraham Darius Dillon, a popular opposition senator from the capital Monrovia, told a radio programme that he thought the president was referring to an official who worked for the state radio who was recently sacked after he criticised how Mr Weah was running the country in a Facebook post.

George Weah, President of Liberia

Several political observers and the mainstream media and press have also suggested that President Weah was hitting back at this former state official.

But the president’s office and supporters have repeatedly denied and rubbished these allegations.

Mr Weah, a former AC Milan, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain striker, has a number of songs to his credit.

In early 2000s he composed a song with fellow African footballers playing in Europe about love and unity in Africa.

In 2014 he collaborated with Ghanaian artist Sidney in a song raising awareness about Ebola as the virus was spreading fast in West Africa.

Then he released another one months ago about the response to the outbreak of Covid-19.

But it his fourth song which has left people speculating and wondering: Who is Mr Liar Man?

Listen to the song below:

source: BBC

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